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Micronesia: Australian Family Raffle-Off Their Pacific Private Island for Just $49

Quite simply – it’s the prize package of the century. For just AUD 49- you could become the proud owner of a private island resort in the South Pacific. What are you waiting for?!

  • An Australian family has announce plans to raffle-off their personal paradise island in Micronesia for just AUD 49 per ticket
  • Resort owners Doug and Sally Beitz described the initiative as the “world’s first island giveaway” and “perfect” for those anyone looking for a bit of adventure
  • One lucky winner stands to gain a fully-operable, 16 room private island resort, complete with four-bedroom family home, a pair of apartments and a gorgeous private beach
Kosrae Nautilus Resort

Kosrae Nautilus Resort – Photo Courtesy of Kosrae Nautilus Resort

Private Island Resort Raffle

Doug and Sally Beitz are about to make one lucky person very happy indeed. After a lot of careful consideration, the Australian managers of popular Micronesian holiday retreat “Kosrae Nautilus Resort” decided that after 15 years at the helm of their Pacific island paradise, it was high time for a lifestyle change.

Yet rather than simply selling their private island idyll to the highest bidder, the unconventional couple decided to take the take the dramatic step of placing their picturesque private island resort up for raffle! No – your eyes do not deceive you. With just a little bit of luck and an AUD 49 raffle ticket, you could be the owner of your very own private island!

The Prize Package of the Century

The raffle has already been described by some as “the prize package of the century.” It’s little wonder. After all, for just AUD 49, one lucky winner stands to pick up a debt-free and profitable business with $10,000 in the business bank account, 16 long-term employees, eight motor vehicles, two boats and – of course – your very own picture-perfect, Pacific private island.

Time for a Lifestyle Change

The Beitz family moved to Micronesia back in 1992 in order to realize their dream of founding a private island resort and scuba diving operation. Twenty four years and thousands of happy memories later, however, they’re now ready to chase down their next adventure – my moving back to the mainland and becoming “professional grandparents.”

But why choose such an unconventional method?  “We’ve felt so privileged to act as stewards of this tropical paradise for 15 years, and since we like to do things differently – we once raised over $45,000 through crowd-funding to have solar panels installed in the resort – we realised a raffle would be an exciting and world-first way to pass on the resort’s ownership,” explained owner and manager Doug Beitz.

“Rather than sell this precious oasis to the highest bidder, we thought it would be amazing to make someone’s dream come true,” Beitz continued. “If you’re discontented with your life, you’re looking for something new, you want to be adventurous, take a shot”

So, are you feeling lucky? If so, you’d better hurry. The winning ticket is set to be drawn in just on June 26th 2016. Simply head over to the resort’s official website for more information!


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