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Cambodia: A Tasty Prospect for Song Saa Private Island as New Chef is Revealed

Guests of popular south-east Asian retreat Song Saa Private Island are in for a treat! As of June 2015, talented chef Michael Pataran will be in charge of the Cambodian island’s culinary output.

  • As of June 2015, talented Canadian chef Michael Pataran will be at the helm of Song Saa Private Island’s kitchen, where he is due to assume the role of Executive Chef
  • The one-time “Chef of the Year”, who has previously enjoyed spells at high-end restaurants and resorts in Canada, brings with him a commitment to using locally-sourced produce which fits in perfectly with the resort’s sustainable ethos
  • Pataran has already announced his intent to transform the Cambodian island into the luxury travel industry’s new benchmark for food and service, revealing a brand new menu which makes use of traditional recipes and modern gourmet flair
(Image Courtesy of Song Saa Island Resort)

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

Song Saa Private Island has announced a change to its kitchen staff, revealing one-time “Chef of the Year” Michael Pataran as the new Executive Chef of the popular Cambodian island escape. Pataran is set to begin his latest catering adventure as of June 2015.

Contemporary Cuisine

The Canadian born chef is renowned for his tireless commitment to challenging culinary boundaries, combining contemporary cuisine with traditional Japanese, Chinese and Thai elements to create mesmerizing menus popular with critics and restaurant-goers alike.

After enjoying a series of spells at some of Canada’s most exclusive resorts and restaurants (his last stint at L’Eat Catering in Toronto saw him cook for the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Google and Apple, to name but a few), Patatan decided it was time for a new challenge which would allow him combine his passion for the exotic tastes of the far east with a commitment to sustainability.

In this sense, Song Saa was the perfect match. Pataran’s passion for locally-sourced produce is the perfect complement to the island’s existing culinary concept.

Song Saa Dining Experience

Song Saa (Image Courtesty of Vladi Private Islands)

Song Saa (Image Courtesty of Vladi Private Islands)

The island has been championed as a pioneer of sustainability, sourcing much of its produce from its own organic gardens and from neighbouring communities and fishing villages. As well as supporting the local economy, this philosophy ensures an unbeatable level of freshness as well as ensuring that the dishes served really do represent the region they came from.

Pataran is certainly thrilled at the prospect of having a whole new gamut of fresh ingredients at his disposal. “I’m looking forward to making use of regional produce,” explained the chef. “Whether fruits, veggies, herbs, seafood or meat – the locally-sourced produce is what makes the Song Saa Dining Experience so unique. We want to serve food that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Regional, Healthy, and Creative

As well as sustainability and local produce, healthy living and creativity also feature highly on the chef’s agenda. “An increasing number of people are coming to value healthy eating and living and the Song Saa Dining Experience should encorporate that,” explained Pataran. “Don’t worry though – there’s still room for the occasional treat!”

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