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United Kingdom: Dating Website Acquires Private Island for Adulterers

Extramarital dating website has acquired a private island in the UK in order to offer its adulterous members the chance to enjoy a romantic weekend without getting caught.

  • The infamous extra-marital dating website,, has announced the purchase of a private island in Great Britain
  • It is hoped that the island – currently dubbed the “Illicit Retreat” – will attract adulterous individuals looking to enjoy a romantic weekend without getting caught
  • Located 100 miles off the coast of Portsmouth and accessible only by helicopter, however, the sordid island escape seems to be anything but discreet!


An Affair to Remember?

Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

The infamous extra-marital dating website,, is promising its members An Affair to Remember after purchasing a private island off the coast of Great Britain. According to a representative of the dodgy dating organization, it is hoped that the island will appeal to adulterous individuals looking to enjoy a romantic weekend without getting caught.

The island – currently known only as the “Illicit Retreat” – is said to be home to an array of chic apartments, each of which comes with a generously proportioned bedroom, dining room, and even a private Jacuzzis. In the words of spokesperson Christian Grant, “All you need to do is sneak out for a ‘business trip’ and the rest is taken care of for you.”

What Happens on the Island Stays on the Island

At present, little is known about the illicit island hideaway. According to Grant, however, that’s the whole point. The dating company goes to long lengths to ensure that the location remains top-secret. Guests will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before travelling to the island, and will be blindfolded throughout the 100 mile helicopter trip to their final destination.

A helicopter transfer is the best way to avoid detection as it reduces the chances of the cheating partners get caught out by pesky paper trails, says Grant. If you ask us, however, a helicopter is far more likely to raise suspicion than a couple of train tickets…

A Recipe for Success… Or Disaster?

Is there really demand for a private island for adulterers? certainly believes so. Established in 2003, the website claims to have 1,058,922 genuine users in the UK alone and cites straying celebrities Vernon Kay and Jeremy Connell as potential candidates for a private island stay with a difference.

“What happens on the island stays on the island,” says Grant. “If only we’d thought of this before, we could have saved the likes of Vernon Kay and Jeremy McConnell, to name just a couple, quite a bit of hassle…”

The cheaters retreat is set to open its doors to guests in 2017, but members can apparently already sign-up… Private Island News will be sure to bring you any further updates as they arise…

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