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Canada: Nova Scotia’s 100 Wild Islands Protection Campaign “Close to the Finish Line”

A ground-breaking campaign to protect 100 coastal islands is nearing completion, according to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust.  Just CA$ 300,000 separates the organization from its CA$ 3 million goal.

  • The Nova Scotia Nature Trust is moving ever closer to completing its mission to protect over 100 wild islands off Canada’s Atlantic Coast
  • According to a spokesman from the organization, they require just CA$ 300,000 in order to reach their target of CA$ 3 million
  • Local councilor, David Hendsbee, is expected to put forward a request to the city of Halifax asking for the additional money needed to complete the campaign

Historic Island Conservation Campaign Nears Completion

Middle and Outer Islands - Photo Courtesy of NS Nature Trust

Middle and Outer Islands – Photo Courtesy of NS Nature Trust

A ground-breaking campaign to protect more than 100 islands off the coast of Nova Scotia is creeping ever closer to completion. The initiators of the 100 Wild Islands Campaign, the Nova Scotia Nature Trust (NSNT), have this week announced that they are just CA$ 300,000- away from reaching their goal of CA$ 7 million.

The campaign, which has been closely followed by Private Island News since its conception back in July 2014, aims to protect 100 of Atlantic Canada’s most important coastal islands.

100 Wild Islands Campaign

The aim of the 100 Wild Islands Campaign is to establish a 46,000 acre marine protected area between Clam Harbour Beach and Mushaboom Harbour, thus securing the future of a scientifically-significant hundred-strong island archipelago known as the Bay of Islands Coastal Wilderness.

Despite being considered to be one of Nova Scotia’s national treasures, the Bay of Islands is actually one of the province’s least explored sites, with many of the islands largely undisturbed by humans in over 10,000 years. Home to beaches, lagoons, forest, bogs, barrens and more, Bonnie Sutherland, the executive director of the NSNT explains that every coastal habitat found in Nova Scotia can be found in the Bay of Islands.

Halifax’s Helping Hand?

In an exciting development revealed on Tuesday, the NSNT revealed that the 100 Wild Islands Campaign was now on the political agenda and that the campaign could yet receive a helping hand from Halifax.

Councilor David Hendsbee put forward a request to the city earlier this week, asking the Province for the extra money needed to complete the campaign. He argued that as all of the islands involved in the appeal fall within the boundaries of Halifax, it was a matter of environmental and economic importance for the city.

Nature Trust Executive Director, Bonnie Sutherland, was delighted to see Council considering support. “We would love to see Halifax join the federal and provincial governments who already have stepped up generously to help protect the 100 Wild Islands. Many Halifax residents, individuals and organizations from across Nova Scotia and beyond, have enthusiastically jumped on board to bring the 100 Wild Islands dream to reality.”

Donate Now

You too can help preserve one of North America’s last unspoiled and ecologically rich coastal archipelagos. To make a donation to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust simply head to their website at

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