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USA: Sensation as Hawaii’s “Forbidden Island” Opens Up for Tourists

In an island tourism sensation, Private Island News can reveal that Niihau Island is open for visitors. You too can visit Hawaii’s Forbidden Island and witness “the land where time stood still”.

Niihau Island - Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

Niihau Island – Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

More commonly known as “The Forbidden Isle”, the name Niihau has long been synonymous with secrecy – until now, that is.

In a sensational volte-face, Private Island News can reveal that Hawaii’s most secretive private island, Niihau, has finally opened its mysterious doors to tourists, offering a series of exclusive half-day helicopter exploration tours to inquisitive island-hoppers.

Niihau Island – The Land Where Time Stood Still

Niihau Island is a true rarity – a 72 square mile private island more commonly known as “the land where time stood still.” And not without reason.

The island’s approximately 130 residents live an extremely simple way of life, shunning the technical appliances that so many of us take for granted in favour of living off the land. There is no running water, next to no cars and no generators or electric utility facilities. Instead, any electricity used on the island is provided by the sun.

In order to better preserve this unique way of life, the island had been all but off-limits to the general public, with only a handful of personnel (limited to relatives of the owners, government officials and invited guests). All that looks set to change, however, with the news that Niihau is now open to visitors by means of a brand new half day helicopter tour of the island.

A Rare Glimpse of Hawaii’s Most Extraordinary Island

Niihau Island - Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

Niihau Island – Photo Provided by Vladi Private Islands

Operated by the owners of Niihau themselves, the tour promises a rare glimpse of Hawaii’s most extraordinary island, with helicopter pilot Bruce Robinson promising to take guests “back in time in and into something you won’t see anywhere else.”

“It’s an island that’s maintained the original Hawaiian lifestyle, the kahiki lifestyle, which goes back to the 1800s and earlier,” Robinson continued. “On Niihau – unlike on any other island – it’s still alive and working. But it’s under extreme pressure from the outside world, and we’re trying to save it from that.

Travelers may be disappointed to find out that the village is not part of the itinerary, however.

“The tours are solely for people to come see an unspoiled Hawaiian Island,” said Robinson. “We will not take them to the village or put the residents into a fishbowl-type of situation. We don’t even fly over the village. That is not what we’re about. We respect their privacy, we respect their desire to live untouched by the outside world and we intend to preserve that.”

Prospective guests shouldn’t let that put them off, however. According to one of the first guests to take part on the tour, “The forbidden concept only makes the island that much more attractive. It’s a great place to hang out and relax.”

Half day excursions of Niihau are $385 per person with a minimum of 5 persons per tour. Group, special tours and charter rates are also available. For more information, contact

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