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Caribbean: Carole Middleton Celebrates 60th Birthday with Mustique Private Island Party

Birthday girl Carole Middleton jetted off to the Caribbean to celebrate her 60th in style on Mustique Island, surrounded by friends, family and – of course – a host of famous faces.

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

(Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands)

Private Island News regular Carole Middleton has once again swapped the grey skies of Great Britain for the cerulean skies of the Caribbean, setting sail for Mustique Island to celebrate her sixtieth birthday in style, surrounded by friends, family and – it goes without saying – a host of famous faces.

Party-planner Carole and her businessman husband, Michael Middleton, were spotted at Heathrow Airport by Britain’s Mail Online in the early hours of Sunday 25th January, before boarding a British Airways flight bound for the St Vincent and the Grenadine Islands before travelling back to their Bucklebury home on February 9th after two weeks of celebration on the paradisiacal private island of Mustique.

The Island

Since the meteoric rise to fame that followed the Royal Wedding The Middletons have become regular guests on Mustique, travelling to the island at least once a year in order to celebrate Carole’s birthday in style. Indeed, the couple is such a fan of the exclusive getaway, that they are even said to be considering investing in one of the island’s luxurious villas.

And who could blame them? With its exquisite architecture, laid-back atmosphere and unparalleled privacy, Mustique Island has a deserved reputation as one of the most elite private islands in the world. The likes of Mick Jagger, Donna Karan and an assortment of other stars and nobility all own properties on its 1,400 acres.

Thoughts of purchasing a private island villa were far from the Middleton matriarch’s mind as she checked into the Villa Rocina (one of Mustique’s grander residences), however – first of all, there was the small matter of putting her professional party planning skills to the test and organizing an unforgettable soiree for her sixtieth birthday to take care of!

The Party

Mustique Island - Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Mustique Island – Image Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

According to Daily Mail Online, the party was held “the pretty gardens of the villa, lit by dozens of lanterns, torches and fairy lights.” Scores of guests were in attendance, with everyone from the likes of Mustique-based life and soul of the party “King” Basil Charles (the owner of the island’s famed Basil’s Bar) to members of the glittering London-set, such as the Honorable Brian Alexander, future Earl Alexander of Tunis and Harrow-educated hedge fund manager Mark Cecil. Even Mustique neighbor Mick Jagger is said to have put in an appearance.

But when the Guests of Honour are rumoured to include the likes of Prince William, the heavily-pregnant Duchess of Cambridge and little Prince George, even the likes of Rolling Stones’ rock and rolling superstar are forced to take a back seat. That’s right, despite being just two months away from her due date, devoted daughter Princess Kate was determined not to miss out on her mother’s celebrations.

The British press report that Prince William, Kate and baby George flew out to Mustique a week before her parents. It was very much a family affair – Nanny Maria Borallo was given the week off, with Kate’s siblings, Pippa and James, gladly stepping into the breach to take care of child-care duties when Will and Kate needed a little down time. Not that they have their work cut-out – our sources tell us Prince George was impeccably behaved throughout the eight-hour flight.

The Royal Connection

Mustique Island - Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Mustique Island – Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

The British Royal Family has had historical ties to the island for a long time now, stretching back to the marriage of Princess Margaret in 1960, when Mustique’s original owner, the flamboyant aristocrat Colin Tennant, presented a 10-acre piece of paradise to the Princess as a generous wedding gift. The Countess of Snowden went on to build an impressive villa (Les Jolie Eaux) which later formed the stage for many of Margaret’s most amusing and outrageous antics.

Since then the Royals have been a constant fixture on the island with visits from Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and now, the latest generation of blue-bloods, Prince William, Princess Kate and her extended family. Perhaps it’s no wonder – to truly feel at home on the island, you also need a royal budget. Carole Middleton’s sixtieth soiree is reported to have cost a pretty penny – with GBP 15,000 for the party, GBP 28,000 for the island rental and first-class flights at GBP 4,300 per ticket.


Mustique is an exclusive 1,400 acre Caribbean island with lush rolling terrain cooled by gentle trade winds and surrounded by pristine white beaches and crystal-clear aquamarine waters. The island is privately owned and operated by the Mustique Company, comprised of shareholders and villa owners from 26 countries, dedicated to protecting the island’s natural beauty, tranquility and environment.

Sixty plus of Mustique’s most desirable one-of-a-kind luxury villas are available to discriminating guests. Representing a collection of architectural styles, these unique residences reflect the owners’ personal taste and each is professionally managed by a dedicated staff. The island’s 77% guest return ratio is a clear indication that a memorable, satisfying stay is a virtual certainty. As a well-known British magazine stated, “Mustique is not just a holiday destination, it is the celebrity holiday capital of the world”.

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