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Worldwide: Private Islands in Public Hands – The Future of the Private Island Market?

The recent decision of a nature trust and provincial government of Nova Scotia (Canada) to buy 100 private islands on the coast of Nova Scotia is a turning point for the private island market, says Farhad Vladi in a letter to Private Island News.

Farhad Vladi - Vladi Private Islands

Farhad Vladi – Vladi Private Islands

“The announcement of the Canadian government and the nature conservancy group of Nova Scotia to acquire 100 privately owned islands on the east coast of Canada can be considered as a milestone in the island market.

“Many governments and nature conservancy groups have bought islands in the past. These are hundreds and hundreds of islands in different parts of the world, inclusive of France, Italy, Germany (Germany has no privately owned islands on its Atlantic coast anymore), Canada, The United States, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, BVIs… the list goes on.

“On one side it is the price and the recession which makes islands more affordable and on the other side its a popular mission for politicians to acquire islands with the purpose of preserving them as parkland for the enjoyment also for the next generation.

“Islands are part of the ocean. Only a clean ocean can secure mankind’s future, therefore the conservation is an important aspect of the environmental planning of the country’s natural future. I’m sure that private owners are also able to secure an island and make sure no pollution and poisoning is going to happen and that they can show respect of a clean environment, but his actions should be visible, for example a 1,000 acre island should be kept in its natural state, perhaps except for an acre where the owner builds one house which matches the natural environment. His pride of ownership will be the driving force to keep the island in a perfect natural state. He combines lifestyle with natural environmental protection.

(Islands in Nova Scotia Courtesy of F. Vladi)

(Islands in Nova Scotia Courtesy of F. Vladi)

“Other examples which are contrary to what has been said include the almost complete destruction of an island building 50 or 100 condominiums and then to call it an eco-friendly resort because plastic bags are not allowed on the island later. This controversial action should not consider to be a pilot project, yet unfortunately we have seen them in Belize (a developer using the name of Leonardo di Caprio) and other instances in other parts of the island world.

“Island owners should know that if a government or nature conservancy group is interested in purchasing they will do their own appraisals. Appraisals are based on comparable sales data but also consideration of what is offered with the island (building permit, mainland property etc). With the advice of specialists like Vladi Private Islands, for example, owners could increase the value of their island before it comes to appraisal or purchase by governments or nature conservancy groups. Vladi Private Islands is constantly in contact with the non-profit organizations, nature trusts, nature conservancy groups. We have more than 100 ocean foundations in the world who are all interested in tbuying islands to keep them in their environmental protection program and a few have already done so with the guidance of Vladi Private Islands.”

Farhad Vladi, May 2015


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