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World: Oceans & Private Islands Celebrates Launch of Brand New E-Magazine

Placing the most important issues of private island life within the broader context of responsible marine management, Oceans & Islands aims to inspire a new generation of island activists.

Oceans & Islands Magazine -

Oceans & Islands Magazine –

Even though the vast majority of the public are aware of the importance of the earth’s oceans and island communities, Planet Ocean remains in constant danger thanks to a toxic combination of overfishing, pollution and poor policy making. Oceans & Islands – a brand new e-magazine – aims to change that.

Forming part of the celebrations for the International Year of Small Island Developing States and last week’s World Oceans Day, Oceans & Islands is now available to download for free via Issuu and via the magazine’s official website.

The e-magazine forms the first collaboration between the World Future Council, a charitable foundation that works to pass on a healthy planet to future generations, and Vladi Private Islands, the world’s leading private island consultancy.

Combining insights into exemplary marine management with news and stories from the world of private islands,Oceans & Islands looks certain to appeal to both green-thinkers and latter-day Robinson Crusoes alike by placing the most important issues of island life within a broader context of responsible marine management.

Private Island News caught up with the magazine’s publishers, Farhad Vladi and Jakob von Uexküll, to find out exactly what inspired them to work on this innovative new digital project:

“Healthy oceans are the basis of our existence – without them the earth would be a dramatically different place,” explained Jakob von Uexküll, Founder of the World Future Council. “Whilst overfishing and pollution still remain a great problem, excellent policies and practices aimed at protecting the richness and health of our oceans certainly do exist. We want to promote these policies in order to achieve change. Oceans & Islands is the perfect opportunity to do so.”

Nodding in agreement, Dr. Farhad Vladi, Founder and CEO of Vladi Private Islands added the following statement: “During my time in the private island business, I have witnessed first-hand how important an environmentally-aware approach to island management is to maintaining the diversity of the world’s waters: A polluted ocean affects islands as much as polluted islands affect the ocean. It is for this reason that I consider the promotion of responsible island ownership to be nothing less than my obligation – both to the environment and to future generations.”

About the Publishers:

The World Future Council (WFC) was launched in 2007 by Jakob von Uexküll. Consisting of 50 eminent global change-makers, the WFC works to identify and spread effective, future-just policy solutions. It operates as an independent foundation under German law and finances its activities from donations.

Vladi Private Islands GmbH is the world record holder in private island sales. Founded by Farhad Vladi in 1971, the company is committed to the promotion of responsible stewardship and has advised a broad array of international governmental bodies and conservation groups during the sale of over 2,500 private islands.

Oceans & Islands is now available to download for free via Issuu and at

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