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Denmark: Independent Private Island Kingdom Created Close To Roskilde

Ever wanted to up sticks and escape to your own island empire? One group of Danish schoolteachers did just that, creating the autonomous Kingdom of Elleore on a private island close to Roskilde.

Kingdom of Elleore - Aerial - Courtesy of

Kingdom of Elleore – Aerial – Courtesy of

Counting amongst one of the most frequently asked questions at international island consultancy Vladi Private Islands, “Can I create my own country?” seems to be a favourite topic of the many thousands of digital nesomaniacs.

And who can blame them? Confronted with ever-raising taxes, over-population, globalisation and the stresses and strains and everyday life, the idea of getting away from it all and forming an independent empire on a far-flung island is a very tempting proposition indeed.

A natural choice for autonomy, private islands simply exude a feeling of sovereignty. And with the international island inventory at an all-time high, it seems there couldn’t be a better time to create a country of your own.

Sadly, there’s more to island independence than simply purchasing a private island. As every island on the planet falls under the jurisdiction of another country, attempts to claim sovereignty can prove to be very tricky indeed – particularly if you’re looking to avoid a diplomatic incident.

But don’t give up hopes of creating your own private island dominion just yet – the roving reporters of Private Island News have uncovered an incredible island realm that might just set the precedent for any future private island presidents: The Kingdom of Elleore.

Founded in 1944, the Kingdom of Elleore was the idea of a free-spirited Danish tutors keen to protect the philosophy of their beloved teaching establishment. Not satisfied by simply spreading the world of their progressive didactical ways, the teachers looked to form their own separatist state, and set their sites on a tiny island gem off the coast of Roskilde inlet.

After a chance meeting with a local landowner, the radical teaching team – by now known as the Immortals – elected to purchase the tiny islet of Elleore, creating one of the world’s coolest kingdoms and laying the foundations of a legacy that would stretch over 70 years.

Kingdom of Elleore - Flag - Courtesy of

Kingdom of Elleore – Flag – Courtesy of

In the process of creating Braadeborg Castle and generally ensuring that their island kingdom was, well… fit for a king, the founding fathers of Elleore took the time to delve into the island’s history, uncovering more than a few spooky coincidences as they did so.

First inhabited by a group of outcast Irish monks in 944 A.D., the autonomous islet was once home to a monastery – until a group of suspicious Danes invaded, burning the island to the ground and leaving Ellore’s final remaining abbot to issue the ominous prediction that the island would one day rise again from the ashes. Whether he thought it would take 1000 years to do so remains to be seen.

Echoing the fate of the Irish monks, Braadeborg Castle was also razed to the ground by Danish invaders – this time in an altogether more peaceful manner, however, after the Danes ascertained that a building had been created within a conservation area without permission.

These days, the island’s only castle comes in the form of a military tent (the snappily titled City of Maglelille), erected during the so-called Elleorian Week – seven days of celebration to mark the return of the King and Queen after their annual 51 week vacation. A time for tradition, food, fun and games, it would be easy to believe that the Kingdom of Elleore is nothing more than a gimmick.

Don’t be fooled though – the heavily militarized island (which, according to reigning monarch King Leo III, operates at a “300% level of military preparedness”) is governed by a series of seriously strict laws and boasts one of the most stringent customs and excise acts the world has seen.

The import of canned sardines is strictly prohibited, as is possessing a copy of Daniel Defoe’s classic Robinson Crusoe – a book deemed to give a distorted and false impression of island life. Punishable by banishment to Kaj Snude Prison Island (if only for 11 minutes and 17 seconds), these laws go a long way to proving that Elleore is a Kingdom to be taken seriously. Dismiss it at your peril!

Have your say: A kingdom to be taken seriously or an April Fool? Share your thoughts about this incredible island story and tell us the plans for your own private island manifesto!

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