Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Caribbean: The First Bahaman Private Island to be Protected from Development

Finley Cay has become the first private island in the Bahamas to be subject to conservation laws after a moratorium was placed on the island’s future development and construction. 

  • Finley Cay, currently on sale for USD 1.995 million, has become the first private island in the Bahamas to be subject to conservation laws
  • A no building clause has been placed on the island in order to ensure the preservation of its native bird colony
  • The decision could set a precedent throughout the Bahamas as the Government wakes up to the importance of (private) island preservation

The mere mention of the Bahamas is enough to get the Private Island News team dreaming of long, hot days of languid relaxation, sipping piña coladas from private island palaces whilst enjoying unforgettable views of subtropical cerulean blue waters and white, sandy beaches. Indeed, the popular Caribbean holiday destination is all but synonymous with sun, sea and sand. Less so with nature conservation. Until now, that is.

First Bahaman Private Island Conservation Project

Finley Cay, Bahamas - Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Finley Cay, Bahamas – Photo Courtesy of Vladi Private Islands

Private Island News has this week uncovered that a private island in the Bahamas has become the first in the region to be subject to strict conservation laws which will prevent the development of the island and ensure its preservation and for years to come.

Finley Cay, located just one hour to the east of Nassau and close to North Eleuthera, has been singled out for special treatment after a colony of rare birds was discovered on the island. A no building cause was subsequently placed on the island in the hope of protecting the birds and their incredible natural habitat.

Environmental groups are already hoping that the decision to protect the island with strict conservation laws will set a precedent throughout the region and raise awareness of the importance of private island conservation.

Finley Cay – A Bird Watcher’s Paradise

With its lush subtropical foliage, white sandy beaches, and spectacular water views over sand banks, Finley Cay promises to be the perfect spot for relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment of the area’s abundant bird and sea life. According to Hamburg-based island brokers Vladi Private Islands, the island is truly a “bird watcher’s paradise.”

Located more than seven miles from its nearest neighbour, the 13 acre island provides the utmost in privacy as well easy access to the amenities of Nassau. Currently undeveloped, the island is now subject to a strict no-build law – the only exception of which is the construction of a building aimed to protect and preserve the island’s avian community.

Currently on the market with Vladi Private Islands, this birdwatchers’ dream-come-true could be all yours for just USD 1.995 million.  Contact to find out more.

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